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Thrilled to announce the release of my new book : Sacred Celebrations : Designing Rituals to Navigate Life's Milestone Transitions! Order today!

Zoom The Gratitude in Action Ritual Kit
Zoom The Gratitude in Action Ritual Kit

The Gratitude in Action Ritual Kit

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Carefully curated, this Gratitude in Action Ritual Kit is designed to help bring more joy, love & happiness into your life. When you live with an attitude of gratitude, all sorts of magic and miracles occur on a regular basis in your life.

Expressing gratitude regularly is known to reduce stress, increase self - esteem, develop resilience and improve the overall quality of our life. Creating a regular gratitude practice will help you reconnect to your inner peace and power which will improve y our relationships with yourself, others and with Spirit!

Items in the Gratitude in Action Ritual Kit include:

Gratitude Journal – Carry this in your purse or leave it on your bedside table. Take a few minutes every day to jot down the things that made you smile. Recall a funny moment, an important conversation or an act of kindness that filled you with appreciation.

Gratitude Jar – Consciously connect with your loved ones by capturing little moments of joy throughout the day that make your heart happy. Writ e it down on a slip of paper and review them periodically together to keep the positive emotions flowing.

Gratitude Postcards – Use these colorful postcards to send love and gratitude to people who have made a positive impact on your life. Taking time to write these notes will get the endorphins flowing and just think how your recipients will feel when they receive your love notes!

Heart Tattoo – Give yourself some love and appreciation with a fun temporary tattoo. We take our bodies for granted too often and when we stop to say thanks to our sacred vessel, it helps us have more love and compassion for ourselves.

It’s an excellent gift for birthdays, graduations, weddings, Thanksgiving and hostess gifts. Perhaps you need more than one?

The Gratitude in Action Ritual Kit


I treated one of my best friends to a weekend in Williamsburg (William + Mary is our alma mater) for her 50th birthday. We got massages, pedicures, had Cheese Shop for lunch and visited campus. I gave her a moonstone bracelet as the perfect finishing touch (bought one for myself, too!) and now we both have a reminder of our special weekend together!

Colleen in Virginia

I now have six of your bracelets. Each morning, I put them on my dresser, close my eyes and mix them up. Then I ask God which bracelet I should wear today and I pick one! I absolutely love wearing them.

Mista in North Carolina

I received the sweetest surprise gift in the mail yesterday from some supportive friends. It brought me close to tears because I could feel how much love and thought they put into their gift that was designed to help get me through a difficult transition. I love your Sacred Celebrations concept. Hand-made with so much love!

Deirdre in Colorado


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