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Thrilled to announce the release of my new book : Sacred Celebrations : Designing Rituals to Navigate Life's Milestone Transitions! Order today!

Designing Rituals to Help you Navigate Life’s Transitions

Sacred Celebrations

Transitions are a natural part of life. Beginnings and endings. Change. Embracing the new. Releasing the old. Cycles.

Many are joyful and exciting. Others are excruciatingly painful and filled with grief. Some involve both happy emotions and sad ones.

If you are going through (or have been through, or will be going through) a big life transition and it feels unwieldy and overwhelming and you’re not sure which way is up, I can help.

Together, we can help you identify where you feel most disconnected and we can take steps to help you return to wholeness so you can feel calm, peaceful and centered.

…Navigate your transition with ease and grace

Big Life Transitions

You may be experiencing one, or all, of these:

Relationship Changes: Marriage, divorce, the beginning or end of a significant relationship, milestone anniversary

Parenting Changes: Having a baby, adopting a baby, becoming a stepparent, becoming a grandparent

Grief & Loss: Death of a loved one, death of a pet, miscarriage, infertility, loss of friendship, empty-nest syndrome

Business & Career: Getting a new job, losing a job, starting a business, celebrating a business anniversary

Life Transitions: Coming of age, graduation, moving, health challenges, a milestone birthday

I've Helped Design


A house blessing for a woman getting divorced and moving out of her family home into a place of her own

A baby blessing for a family that was raised in the church but didn’t want a traditional religious baptism


A fertility ritual for a woman desiring to get pregnant

A ritual for a woman who, after a long fertility journey, decided to choose to be child-free

A ritual for a woman saying good-bye to a corporate job and starting her own business

A celebration of life ritual for a woman who’s mother had died

Ceremonies & Celebrations

A fun and funky rehearsal dinner for a couple preparing to marry off their eldest son

A release ceremony for a woman who wanted to disengage from an abusive mother

A birthday celebration for a woman experiencing a milestone birthday

Zoom Releasing roses
Zoom Roses in river after releasing
Zoom Roses

Custom Ritual Design

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Create your own Sacred Celebration

1. Complete our the Ritual Design Questionnaire – get clear about the transition that you would like support for.

2. Coaching session #1 – 45 minutes – we’ll talk about your transition and brainstorm ideas together to help you create your own sacred celebration to honor this event

3. Email support between the session and the ritual/celebration that you design (within 30-60 days of initial coaching session)

4. Coaching session #2 – 30 minutes – discuss the ritual/celebration outcomes, a-ha’s and opportunities to move forward.


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