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Thrilled to announce the release of my new book : Sacred Celebrations : Designing Rituals to Navigate Life's Milestone Transitions! Order today!

Ritual Kits

 The Value of Rituals & Celebration

I’ve been an intuitive life & business coach for 20+ years. In my work with clients around the country, I’ve learned that navigating life’s transitions with intention and grace can make the difference between a disastrous life change and a magic-filled one. Creating rituals and sacred celebrations – both big and small – is a way of life for me and I want to share my passion with others by making rituals easy, accessible and fun for everyone.

Rituals help us do so many things...

  1. Bring joy and happiness to people’s lives by connecting intentionally for a universal experience.
  2. Create safe spaces for people to share their vulnerabilities – that’s when people connect deeply and learn to trust
  3. Deepen relationships among family members, friends, and members of the community.
  4. Bring more love, peace, joy, and connection to the world through the art of celebration.
  5. Support people in processing the intense emotions of beginning and endings, change and transition: exuberance, anxiety, fear, stress, overwhelm, joy, love, excitement, and more.
  6. Revive elements of spiritual and indigenous rituals that have gotten lost in our chaotic, modern world.
  7. Help people connect to them Selves, Others, and Spirit

It’s my deepest desire that we all live our lives with meaning and intention. If my Sacred Celebrations Ritual Kits can add just a bit more magic, more hope, and more love to the world, then I’ll be living my life purpose. And isn’t that why we’re all here?



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