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Thrilled to announce the release of my new book : Sacred Celebrations : Designing Rituals to Navigate Life's Milestone Transitions! Order today!

About Me

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Barbour

A creative entrepreneur, coach, writer & celebration enthusiast dedicated to helping you embrace the magic and meaning in everyday life.

I was raised in Connecticut but I’ve moved 13 times in 30 years. North Carolina is my heart home since it keeps calling me back (this is my fourth time living here!) I know a thing or two about moving (which is why my very first product was a house blessing ritual kit!)

I also know a thing or two about the major transitions we face in our lives. I have experienced incredible joys... marriage, parenthood, starting a business, reunion with my biological family. And I have survived devastating losses... The death of both of my parents, divorce and miscarriage. Perhaps you have experienced some of these too?

Change is the only constant in life. We are constantly navigating endings and beginnings. Sometimes change is scary, but often it is filled with possibilities. That’s what helps us to evolve and grow, right? And when we experience one of those joy-filled celebrations or navigate a devastating loss... It’s our community of friends and loved ones who show up, witness us, celebrate us, hold us and honor us that help to amplify the happiness or carry the pain.

House Blessing Ritual Kit

It is my belief that we live in a culture that does not celebrate enough. We are always so busy, achieving goals and moving onto the next accomplishment. We need to stop and savor the moments that are so very precious to us. Life is short, and while it has plenty of challenges, it can also be very sweet if we focus on being present and showing up fully for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Rituals are the sacred containers that help us during these times of transition. Weddings and funerals, baby showers and retirement roasts, graduation ceremonies and milestone birthday parties. Rituals invite us to step out of ordinary reality and be fully present with ourselves, our loved ones and with spirit. Rituals ground us and serve as gateways as we pass from one stage of life to the next.

So how can Sacred Celebrations serve you ? We are dedicated to designing tangible gifts to express your love and care for those closest to you. With our jewelry line , every stone has meaning and each piece is created with positive intention. Our custom ritual gift boxes are designed to be experiential in nature with carefully curated items & suggestions on how to create your own rituals. Our books will inspire you with stories, ideas and practical suggestions for infusing your life with more meaning through the creation of rituals for special occasions and also just for everyday living.

We are just getting started. I’d love to build a relationship with you as we grow.
Tell me about your celebrations and share with me how I can support you in making them even richer, more meaningful & create lasting memories.
Please join me on Instagram to follow along with our growth or join my Sacred Celebrations community for women on Facebook to engage with other like-minded sparkly souls!!

Thank you for taking time to visit. I’m excited to connect and look forward to the journey ahead...
I wonder what magic and miracles are waiting for us around the corner?




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