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Thrilled to announce the release of my new book : Sacred Celebrations : Designing Rituals to Navigate Life's Milestone Transitions! Order today!

Zoom Smart Self - Care for Busy Women Ritual Kit
Zoom Smart Self - Care for Busy Women Ritual Kit

Smart Self - Care for Busy Women Ritual Kit

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Are you ready to claim the “me time” you’ve been craving? I hand-selected the items in this kit designed by fellow women entrepreneurs who know the value of smart self-care. A few simple tools plus plenty of good intentions are a great way to get started on creating a self-care ritual (done daily, weekly, monthly – it’s up to you!) that helps you to slow down and recharge.

If you’re stressed out at work, overwhelmed with life, or you really just need to hit the “pause” button after a busy week to help you get revitalized and renewed, create a simple ritual with our kit! Set aside fifteen minutes, an hour or more to claim your “me time” and give yourself the gift of balance, peace, and presence. You deserve it!

Items in your Smart Self - Care for Busy Women Ritual Kit include:

Candle – Light this warm vanilla candle to set the stage for your self-care ritual. Take a few deep breaths and set an intention or say a prayer for this special time you’re giving yourself to reconnect and renew.

Tea – Prepare yourself a cup of delicious Indulge hot tea made with hints of hibiscus, cacao nibs, rose hips, and lavender. Place the herbs in the reusable cotton tea bag and steep in hot water for 3-5 minutes. Add a dash of sweetener and savor!

Dragonfly Soap – Draw yourself a luxurious bath. Allow your body to relax in the healing waters and let the aroma of the lavender mint infuse your space. Remember the dragonfly’s reminder to connect with your inner light and powerful resilience.

Crystal – Rose quartz is known as “the heart stone” and helps support unconditional love for self and others. Hold it while sipping your tea or soaking in the tub or you can place it on your bedside table or carry it in your pocket or purse as a reminder to love yourself even more.

It makes a great gift for best friends, mothers/sisters/aunties, busy professional women, stressed-out mamas, maxed-out teachers, and anyone else who’s desperately craving some “me time”. Make a list of the women you know who need may be longer than you think!

Smart Self - Care for Busy Women Ritual Kit


I treated one of my best friends to a weekend in Williamsburg (William + Mary is our alma mater) for her 50th birthday. We got massages, pedicures, had Cheese Shop for lunch and visited campus. I gave her a moonstone bracelet as the perfect finishing touch (bought one for myself, too!) and now we both have a reminder of our special weekend together!

Colleen in Virginia

I now have six of your bracelets. Each morning, I put them on my dresser, close my eyes and mix them up. Then I ask God which bracelet I should wear today and I pick one! I absolutely love wearing them.

Mista in North Carolina

I received the sweetest surprise gift in the mail yesterday from some supportive friends. It brought me close to tears because I could feel how much love and thought they put into their gift that was designed to help get me through a difficult transition. I love your Sacred Celebrations concept. Hand-made with so much love!

Deirdre in Colorado


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